Tuesday , October 3 2023

Decisive nights in Riyadh … Affable nights in Vienna

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THE Royal Decree issued during the weekend in Riyadh concerning the establishment of an anti-corruption authority with fangs and claws is headed by the Saudi Crown Prince Muhammad Bin Salman.

It is all about public interest, abuse of public money without fear of religion or conscience, morality or patriotism, taking advantage of their influence and authority entrusted to them to embezzle public money, abuse and misappropriation through various means to hide their illegal activities.

This is in addition to preventing the concerned authorities from doing their duties to the fullest which made it impossible for the rulers to be aware of the truth of these heinous crimes.

This authority, which came into force upon a decree that is written in letters of gold, launched its first activity with an astonishing speed and took a number of decisions which amazed the observers all over the world inside and outside Saudi Arabia within hours by arrested “well-known princes, former ministers, businessmen and influential people.

No one could ever imagine that one day the arrested persons could even be criticized in public. We could not believe our eyes what we saw — their pictures, their names and titles complete with accusations — when we read the news reports and followed it up on the social media.

We congratulate our brothers in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, our great sister country for this great step in the path of correct reform and closing the chapters of corruption and the corrupt. The story of corruption is similar to the fiction stories about ghosts and monsters and witches that continue for decades just because they (the heroes) are untouchable.

This is what happened recently in our neighborhood, but we are still observing the achievements of the Public Anti-Corruption Authority or the Nazahah as it calls itself. This authority was established three years ago but it does not have even an office boy but has so far no director, no Sheikh or no minister has been referred to a court or sent to jail in spite of its location in Shamiya and is active on the social media and the print media.

The latest news about the Public Authority for Anti-Corruption (or the Disappointing Public Authority) is that a high-level delegation left Kuwait to Vienna to participate in the seventh session of the Conference of the States Parties which have signed the United Nations Convention against Corruption, which kicked off on Monday, Nov 6. In the discussion of several procedural and substantive items and other items on the agenda (Qabas).

The delegation is headed by the Counselor Head of the Public Authority for Anti-Corruption and includes a number of specialists who will discuss a number of procedural and objective issues inserted into the work schedule (Al-Qabas daily).

We say to the delegation and its members: We wish you a pleasant stay in Vienna, where Asmahan sung her famous song ‘Nights of Innocence in Vienna … its breeze comes from paradise … etc’.

And why this effort to travel thousands of miles away from us(Vienna) when you could learn and benefit more than from a country that is only hundreds of miles away (Riyadh of Incisiveness).

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By Ali Ahmed Al-Baghli

Former Minister of Oil



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