Decisions applicable to some people only!

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The selective decisions of the young minister – Sheikh Basel Al-Sabah – led to the bankruptcy of hundreds of young owners of small and medium enterprises (SMEs). This is in addition to ruining the psyche of thousands of Kuwaitis and others who are sitting in their homes; while depriving them of the chance to meet their parents, brothers and friends.

Surprisingly, these decisions that affected millions of citizens and expatriates do not apply to some. A friend who is like a brother told me that while driving along Gulf Street, Sheraton Roundabout, Fahd Al-Salem Street and Al-Salhiya Complex last Friday; he saw hundreds of Asian men and women sitting beside each other without masks and no precautions were taken at all!!

Therefore, we say to the geniuses of the Ministry of Health that these Asians work in our homes. We, Kuwaitis, will definitely contract the coronavirus once they are infected; considering they interact with us and supervise everything in our homes starting from our cars and others since they are employed as drivers, cooks and household workers. Under such circumstances, what will happen to the Kuwaiti – who has been deprived of dozens of things which he has been accustomed to throughout his life due to the epidemic – if someone who drives his car, cooks his food or serves his meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner is infected?

We hope the young minister sheikh and the Council of Ministers will go to the street starting from the National Assembly building, up to the palace of Sheikh Nasser Al-Muhammad – may God prolong his life, Jahra Roundabout, Fahd Al-Salem Street and the bus stops to see with their own eyes what my friend and brother who was shocked to witness such a scenario last Friday. In this manner, they can see with their own eyes that the decisions of their young minister sheikh are applied only on certain people.

The new Indian corona strain called ‘black fungus’ causes closure of the lungs and kidneys. Treatment requires removal of the eyes or the nose.  It caused the death of famous Egyptian comedian Samir Ghanem. This strain could have moved to Egypt through the Egyptian community in the United Arab Emirates who interacted with several millions of our Indian brothers in humanity living in the sisterly state – the Emirates. 

We give the information in this article to the young minister sheikh, his assistants and members of his cabinet.

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By Ali Ahmed Al-Baghli

Former Minister of Oil

This news has been read 23797 times!

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