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Wednesday , July 28 2021

Decision to ‘re-open’ play areas, entertainment centers canceled

‘Opening nurseries before entertainment facilities a priority’

KUWAIT CITY, Jan 30: The decision to allow the re-opening of entertainment centers and halls and children’s play areas did not stand up to the popular campaign that lasted for more than a few hours and forced the concerned government agencies to retract their directives and cancel the decision to reopen such activities, reports Al-Rai daily.

Maintenance being done on entertainment facilities over decision to receive visitors.

The announcement of the reopening of children’s play areas was met with popular shock in light of the continued closure of schools and nurseries. The campaign resulted in the revocation of the decision in this regard by the relevant government agencies. Officials of entertainment centers and halls were then instructed not to open their doors to the public, and to close the halls that had started operating.

Recreational gaming centers, both in commercial complexes and entertainment facilities, eagerly received the decision and they had dusted their gaming and entertainment facilities. Some of them opened its doors to the public just before the government revoked its decision.

Maintenance being done on entertainment facilities over decision to receive visitors.

Educators criticized the decision to allow the opening of entertainment centers and games, in light of continued closure of schools and nurseries, especially since the latter are more capable of implementing the health measures to protect children with the presence of specialists and educators.

They stressed that the priority is to open nurseries before entertainment centers due to several reasons given the importance of the educational and psychological benefits on children’s health.

Earlier, Al-Seyassah daily reported that the entertainment circles have breathed a sigh of relief and dusted off the games in preparation for the return of activity after a 10-month shutdown (since late February).

The Al-Seyassah daily monitored the preparations made by some entertainment outlets, as the maintenance companies have begun lubricating the machines that have remained idle over the past months, while cleaning workers have rolled up their sleeves to clean the fl oors and sterilize the surroundings with disinfectants along with some repairs and all that is required to be done.

The daily at random spoke to offi- cials and all those concerned with the recreation activities for their opinions as they continue with their preparations to receive visitors to the parks and leisure places which face the burden of making good their losses of more than 10 months.

One of the officials of the ‘Hawalli Park’, who preferred to remain anonymous, says the company lost huge sums of money during the closure period that began at the end of February 2020, because the company continued paying the salaries of 66 employees and workers regularly during the crisis without interruption.

In terms of ‘back to business’ he stated the company will implement all the health requirements and decision issued by the government authorities including temperature checks on visitors, adhering to wearing face masks and gloves, social distancing for everyone who enters the park. He pointed out the entry process will also be restricted to and social distancing will be strictly implemented and for this reason only a limited number of visitors will be allowed every day.

This is in addition to sterilizing the park and the all the games and rides before and after use and adopt contact- less payment methods. He indicated that the company has carried out adequate checks on the workers to ensure they are fit and healthy and are free from the Corona virus and other infectious diseases, wishing for a full return to life in all entertainment facilities. He pointed out that the company’s restaurants have lost during a lot of business during the crisis, as well as the investments in the Hawalli Park, and other stores. An official at a recreation hall, who identified himself Abd al-Rahman Abdullah, said the facility is ready to receive visitors after a long break as a result of the outbreak of the pandemic.

He pointed out all the conditions that are and that will be announced by the Ministry of Health will be enforced to protect the visitors and indicated it is a new beginning for the company owners and workers who have had to survive the ‘onslaught’ of the virus. One of the stores officials inside theme parks, who identified himself as A.H., stated the shops inside the theme parks had stopped their activities completely following the decision to close which lasted for several months, as the shops, restaurants and libraries invested in those parks depend primarily on the visitors to these parks.

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