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Thursday , February 9 2023

‘Dear brother, prime minister’

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Please increase your openness to this open letter, and excuse me for ‘for the manner’ in addressing your honorable person.

The circumstances are accurate and the situation is dangerous and the future does not bode well. Is there anyone who knows something and is pleased with whoever is involved in the issue?

The events of the recent past have shown that if the government desires to do something, then nothing, I repeat nothing, can prevent it from doing so, especially when we talk about the future of the country and the people.

Therefore, nothing, I repeat again, with due respect to you, nothing should prevent you from achieving the dream of every honorable citizen once the current situation becomes better, from making this country something much better than it is now, and it requires nothing but faith in reforms and its application.

You and your small team have managed the crisis competently and won the admiration of the wise senior leadership and all the leaders of the world. You succeeded in facing the threat of the epidemic, or reducing its risk to the lowest possible degree, without giving space for any influential, political or deputy to intervene and dictate their terms to you, keeping in mind the supreme interests of the nation.

I want to be the first to warn of the danger of hundreds of thousands of expatriates who are without work and income. How I wished the board of directors of the Kuwaiti Humanitarian Friendship Society respond to my call to help the largest possible number of these people by providing them with help, before hunger gets the better of them.

I posted my personal telephone number in the social media and asked every expatriate who lost his job and is helpless to call me and after that I could not sleep at night, not only because of the incredible number of callers, which went on for days, but also because of their tragic situations, poverty, exploitation, trafficking in humans and violation of their rights and every day.

I also saw the large number of ‘dishonorable citizens’ who have ‘cheated’ hundreds of thousands of expatriates for years, without anyone being identified. Add to this the manner in which they have succeeded in selling them wild dreams to such an extent a majority of them have lost even the right to dream. I have succeeded, Mr Prime Minister, with your mini-ministerial team, in responding efficiently to the big threat posed to our health and our very existence by the spread of the coronavirus and this is a victory in the battle or the smaller jihad.

What awaits you, Mr Prime Minister is the biggest jihad – jihad to confront the corrupt; jihad to confront the ‘war merchants’; the struggle to confront the human traffickers; the jihad against the visa traders; development of the administrative work; the jihad to monitor the affairs of the entire country electronically and finally the jihad to develop the security system.

The struggle to balance the demographics – and this is not difficult for you – as we have seen from your achievements. When you planned something and led the way, we walked with you.

Let me, Mr Prime Minister, talk to you about two incidents: more than thirty years ago, at the height of the Lebanese civil war, a famous Lebanese lawyer arrived at the Geneva Airport from New York, which had become his ‘second home’ after leaving Lebanon following threats to liquidate him.

He was received by a well-known Kuwaiti lawyer, who told us about the incident. He said they went to the hotel, where he completed the procedures and the guest left his bag in the lobby, and set out to spend the evening at a friend’s house.

Half an hour later, the doorbell rang at the friend’s house ran, and a police car pulled over and an officer inquired about the Lebanese guest. He apologized for being late in looking out for him to offer him protection, since he was a well-known personality and a terrorist organization had threatened to assassinate him, because he was then active in Lebanon. They ended up thanking each other and until this moment all was fine, but everyone was amazed at the efficiency and speed of the Swiss police, and that was more than thirty years ago.

The second incident is related to the way in which China controlled the Corona epidemic, and how Beijing controlled 1.4 billion people from the spread 9.6 million kms (Kuwait’s area is 18 thousand) through a computer system that can count the breath of each person, and distinguish the face features from others.

We, inevitably, do not call for a police state. Rather, we sincerely call for conditions not to remain as they are. Kuwaitis, Mr Prime Minister, the loyal residents, deserve a better life. There is no person who respects himself and wants to live in safety will accept the presence of all this large number of expatriates – a large proportion of them illegal and jobless. What we see here is not only a crime against the nation but also a crime against humanity.

Eliminating this ‘epidemic’ is the biggest jihad and I see in you the only capable person to fight this war, especially since we have competent people and the money is available. It is not difficult to introduce a regulatory system. Please accept my highest respects.


By Ahmad alsarraf

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