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Monday , September 26 2022

Dangerous information leaked to harm people working in sensitive position

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KUWAIT CITY, Feb 5: Initial investigations conducted in one of the cases has triggered a big surprise because of the involvement of a senior official who occupies a sensitive position and is said to have leaked dangerous information which was published in the media and is known to have provoked confusion, reports Al-Qabas daily.

A familiar source told the daily, the person occupies a very important position and is said to have relayed incorrect information to harm people working in the sensitive area in which he works, because of his cooperation and close relationship with a fake account holder.

The source indicated this person does not yet know anything about the discovery of the matter, and is still at the head of his work, and it is expected he will be arrested soon.

The source stated that the State Security Agency has accessed a network of fake accounts with the state-of-the-art electronic technology, where the true identities of most of the individuals have been revealed.

The source said the accounts operators who publish their opinion about the limits of freedom of expression guaranteed by the constitution need not worry – even if they are fake accounts – because they are not considered as violators of the law, as long as they use those accounts within legal frameworks

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