Dakheel Aljassar Introduces New Genuine Label to Combat Counterfeiting

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Kuwait City, Sept, 26: Dakheel Aljassar, a pioneer in the field of electrical and lighting solutions, has embarked on a significant initiative to prioritize the safety of its valued customers. Recognizing the critical importance of authentic and high-quality products, Dakheel Aljassar has unveiled an innovative Genuine Label program aimed at safeguarding customers from counterfeit and potentially hazardous imitations.
The sale of counterfeit products not only puts in danger the safety of individuals and their property but also leads to violation of the law. With a firm commitment to protecting its customers, Dakheel Aljassar has taken this proactive step to introduce a Genuine Label with state-of-the-art security features and advanced technology, surpassing the capabilities of traditional holograms.

Transitional and Subsequent Phases: In the transitional phase, the Genuine Label will be introduced alongside the current hologram label, allowing customers to gradually adapt to the new system. This phase will continue until the existing hologram-labeled inventory is depleted from our points of sale, expected within a period not exceeding three months.
In the subsequent phase, the Genuine Label will be the sole indicator of authenticity on all Eaton products, rendering the hologram label obsolete.

Ensuring Authenticity: Customers can effortlessly verify the authenticity of Dakheel Aljassar products by visiting scan.aljassar.com on their mobile devices. This web link provides simple, step-by-step guidance to ascertain the genuineness of the purchased product.

Customer Support: Dakheel Aljassar is committed to offering excellent customer support. In case a product is suspected to be non-genuine, customers are advised to reach out immediately to our dedicated customer service line at 1844888. Or write to them through WhatsApp for prompt assistance.

This news has been read 643 times!

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