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Monday , September 26 2022

Curbs on driving licenses

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Demographics on new MoI reforms

KUWAIT CITY, Feb 27: Amid expectations that the new ministerial formation will be announced within days, and while all eyes are on the Ministry of Interior in conjunction with the extremely sensitive and vital circumstances, high-level security sources reveal that the intention is to bring about a comprehensive and radical change in the security system during the coming period, and that it will be a jolt for the various departments and agencies of the ministry.

They explained that the implementation of the new system will be part of a package of decisions and circulars that will see the light following the announcement of the government formation.

It mainly includes the filling of vacant leadership positions in the ministry with deserving national elements and expertise according to the police hierarchy for each sector, and opening the door for transfer, which has been closed since 2018.

Meanwhile, they revealed that the Minister of Interior Sheikh Thamer Al-Ali will soon approve the list of promotions of officers from the rank of “Colonel” to “Brigadier”, and from “Brigadier” to “Major”. The sources indicated that the upcoming decisions also include regulating the issuance of driving licenses to expatriates, and reviewing the criteria and requirements for issuing them in accordance with the new traffic law, so that it is limited to employees of the government sector, doctors, judges and teachers, and to stop any exceptions and the use of “wasta”.

They said that the new system includes activating the role of the Ministry of Interior in controlling the demographics by intensifying the work of the tripartite committee, which includes the Ministry of Social Affairs, the Ministry of Commerce and Industry and the Ministry of Interior, in carrying out inspections in order to nab violators, eliminating the phenomenon of visa trade, and activating eye scanners in all outlets to uncover wanted persons and deportees who enter with new passports.

The sources affirmed that the minister Sheikh Thamer Al-Ali will soon submit an integrated draft law on the new security system to the Cabinet and then to refer it to the National Assembly with the aim of filling the loopholes in the residency laws, reconsidering some financial fees in exchange for the services provided by the ministry, and raising the fees for new visas.

They revealed that the new system comes in the wake of a series of inspection tours that the minister carried out in the past few days and weeks during which he personally inspected the workflow in the outposts, checkpoints and security sectors as well as monitored some deficiencies especially in Jahra Governorate.

By Salem Al-Wawan Al-Seyassah Staff

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