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Cupping therapy in Kuwait reaches 90 pct

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‘Good results achieved in several treatments’

KUWAIT CITY, May 15: Member of Kuwait Alternative Medicine Association and International Association of Alternative Medicine Dr Khaled Al-Huseinan said the use of cupping therapy in Kuwait has reached 90 percent.

Cupping achieved good results in treating several diseases such as asthma, varicocele (abnormal enlargement in the scrotum), lethargy, migraine, hepatitis B and C, rheumatism and cellulite. In a press statement, Al-Huseinan has confirmed coordination between the association and the Ministry of Health represented by the Medical Emergency Department in organizing several first aid training courses.

This is in addition to the practice of alternative medicine in the country and referring a proposal that consists of conditions and regulations concerning the profession to the Parliament.

Al-Huseinan disclosed more men use cupping than women, indicating those under the age group 20 to 65 years old are the best ones to undergo this therapy which is suitable for everyone except those suffering from kidney failure, hemophilia, cancer, those with heart pacemaker and pregnant women in their first trimester. He further explained that menses for women is not a substitute to cupping since it is used for the womb only.

“In the body, there are three centers for toxins: seventh cervical (C7) vertebra which is the largest and most inferior vertebra in the neck region and it is responsible for activating the nervous system, the T9 and T10 (ninth and 10th Thoracic Vertebra) which communicate directly with the adrenal glands via nerves,” Huseinan said.

It is recommended to undergo cupping every three months to be protected from influenza because it helps in activating the immune system and blood cycle in the body.

Cupping gives various results depending of the type of disease, as it can give instant cure for migraine just like asthma since cupping helped many patients stop using nebulizer after their first session; whereas for varicocele, the results appear after the fourth session.

Al-Huseinan went on to say there are several types of cupping –dry cupping, wet cupping (Hijama), glide cupping, needle cupping which uses acupuncture needles, fire cupping and silicone cupping, among others.

By Marwa Al-Bahrawi Al-Seyassah Staff