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Tuesday , December 7 2021

CSC hires, renews appointment of 1,555 Bedouns in MoH since March

Number of doctors, nurses appointed

KUWAIT CITY, June 21: Informed Civil Service Commission (CSC) sources revealed that the commission since March 12 has appointed and renewed the appointments of 1,555 illegal residents (Bedouns) in the Ministry of Health to support the ministry in the face of the corona crisis.

The same sources said that CSC appointed a number of doctors, nurses and workers within the medical cadres after ensuring that their requests matched the conditions of appointment in the Ministry of Health. Also, the commission, out of responsibility, renewed the contracts of some of them to enable them complete their work in support of the ministry throughout the corona crisis.

On the other hand, it seems that ministerial decisions taken in the recent period to end the services of several expatriate employees in government agencies would expedite the application of the Five-Year Civil Service Commission plan for the national workforce by replacing expatriates in government agencies” before the deadline.

Governmental sources affirmed that CSC’s plan, according to commission’s decision for fiscal year 2017/2018, “set annual percentages for every government agency but the indicators within the current period affirm that termination of the services of expatriate employees in the regions this year exceed the rates determined by the commission”.

They pointed out that some administrative agencies completed the process of Kuwaitisation in the first year, citing the Civil Service Commission and others, which implemented the process of substitution and Kuwaitisation in the first two years. However, there are agencies such as the ministries of Health and Education that will not be able to do so, even after the end of the five-year plan to Kuwaitize all employees.

The sources explained, “The Commission will wait for the end of its plan that was laid out over five years before it begins the process of evaluating the performance of those entities after the largest percentage of national workforce replace expatriate employees to ensure that these agencies perform after the phase of dispensing.”

They pointed out that “the CSC, when it laid down its five year plan, was planning for the replacement process to take place in a smooth and easy manner without hindrance, so that the performance of government agencies, especially those of technical and technological nature, would not be affected”.

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