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Sunday , September 25 2022

Covid shots, traffic blunder

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The number of deaths, in the largest, most powerful and most developed country exceeded the 800,000 mark, the highest number for any country in the world. This was also accompanied by a rise in cases of Covid-19; the last 100,000 deaths occurred in the last 11 weeks and more than 1,200 people in America die every day due to Covid-19.

The cases of the epidemic in the world reached 273 million people, and deaths globally approached five and a half million, and it became clear even to the most opponents of taking the vaccine that the issue is not comical but rather serious, therefore doctors, pharmacists, writers and half-educated people have disappeared from the means of communication with their absurd and sick instructions, information, and warnings not to take the vaccine on pretexts that are more absurd than their logic.

Some have their arguments in continuing to oppose taking the vaccine, and their saying that no internationally recognized scientific body has issued a statement that the vaccine is completely free from danger, and since some opponents have health problems in the kidneys and others, they do not feel completely safe in taking it, and they insist on not to be vaccinated, and this is acceptable, but what is not acceptable is that some people go out in public from time to time and announce their opposition to taking the vaccine, thus they pose danger to society by inciting the unvaccinated to continue their unacceptable position.

The decision to review driving licenses for vehicles, and to compare the profession in it with what is written in the work permit, which is available to the Public Authority for Manpower is a deserved decision, and must be taken into account but its application was a procedural, human and administrative error that has not happened in the world over the past hundred years and we have already made ourselves a joke.

We thank the Minister of the Interior for his intervention and the withdrawal of the decision.

Since the liberation and until last Christmas, I and a group of loved ones were keen to publish an article or an advertisement in which we congratulate the Christians of Kuwait, both citizens and residents, on Christmas and New Year.

After congratulation, I received a reproach or a request from a friend, a reader, or a person I did not know asking to join us in congratulating them in the future.

In response to the desire of these people, and those who would like to join us in congratulating them, send a text message on the WhatsApp phone 99306124 indicating the desire to join us; mention your full name so that I can then contact everyone personally.

Thank you for your love and cooperation.

e-mail: a.alsarraf@alqabas.com.kw

By Ahmad alsarraf

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