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Thursday , February 2 2023

Court sentences Kuwaiti woman to 15 yrs imprisonment for torturing and killing Filipino maid

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Husband sentenced to 4 yrs

KUWAIT CITY, Feb 23: The Cassation Court  sentenced a female Kuwaiti citizen to 15 yrs in prison for killing her Filipina maid with an iron rod. The gruesome murder had led to a political crisis between Kuwait and Philippines which led the Philippines authorities to issue a decision to ban domestic workers to Kuwait.

The court upheld the judgment of appeals court and handed female Kuwaiti citizen 15 yrs of hard labor imprisonment for beating and torturing her Filipino maid to death.  Her husband was sentenced to 4 yrs in prison. Previously the court had sentenced her to death by hanging, reports Al Anba.  The accused had deliberately used household ironing device, wooden spoon to assault the victim by hitting her multiple times on various parts of the body with shear force which included head and chest. She suspected her husband was having relationship with the Filipina and assumed by using witchcraft she was trying to separate her husband from her. 

She used her authority and took advantage of victims and exploited her by forcefully making her work forcefully from morning to after midnight. Due to this the health of the victim deteriorated. She was confined to a dressing room on the first floor and use to keep her locked. 

The prosecution accused husband and wife from refraining in fulfilling their obligation towards the victim by forcing her to work illegally. This falls under category of human trafficking. The couple deliberately refrained from taking her to the hospital. When her health condition worsened in fear of revealing wife’s involvement which would lead to legal issues a fraud was committed during doctors visit in health center by making false statements that wife needed the medicines when actually it was the maid. 

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