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Tuesday , February 18 2020

Court legitimizes marriage between Kuwaiti woman and American suitor at $ 400 dowry

KUWAIT CITY: The Family Court of Appeals has cancelled the decision of First Instance Court that refused to authorize the marriage between a Kuwaiti woman and her American suitor for a dowry of USD400.

Attorney Jarrah Al-Sherikah pointed out that his client (Kuwaiti woman) was already married to the American man and they have been blessed with a daughter.

The court decided the marriage was legitimate since the husband is a Muslim and the nuptials validated by a contract signed by an Imam of a mosque located in North Carolina with the signatures of two witnesses.

The court thereby decided the contract is genuine, although the citizen’s guardian was not a witness. The guardian who attended the session testified that he approves of the marriage and requested the court to allow authorization of the contract at the Ministry of Justice.

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