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‘Corona’ … and boat-sinker

Ahmed Al-Jarallah Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times

THROUGHOUT history, the world has witnessed the spread of several pandemics. With every pandemic, there have been both negative and positive aspects.

On the positive side, this kind of crossroads led to development and improvement of health and technology sectors as well as the research sector which helped in progress of human beings. On the other hand, with every epidemic, there have been human losses, as well as negative economic impacts. In the past, the economic effects were perhaps not significant due to the simple transportation and communication methods, but in the last century, those effects began to unfold sharply following advanced technological developments and expansion of trade exchange.

Today, with the coronavirus pandemic, the world is facing a series of huge financial losses following the collapse of several vital sectors that have left millions of people stranded. Therefore, when the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund announced that more countries need lending and assistance, they are hereby ringing the alarm for what will become of the world in terms of a great economic stagnation after the pandemic recedes.

This fact was visible to the G20 leaders during their recent virtual summit in Riyadh, which is the first global event that was held using advanced technology to bring together heads of countries and representatives of international organizations in cyberspace. This is one of the advantages of the development that the world has achieved in recent years.

This summit is considered as a turning point in terms of its results, as the leaders pledged to pump $5 trillion into the global economy to reduce the negative effects of the pandemic. In addition, the financial incentives provided by some countries to confront the losses suffered by their local economies represent an additional drift to prevent the collapse, which will be much deeper than what the world witnessed during the 100 years of financial and economic crises.

The world has united to confront this “invisible killer” since the beginning of this year. Several collaborations have emerged between countries and peoples. However, this has not led some governments to change their policies; they instead resorted to harm, and tried to use the epidemic to weaken other countries by hiding the accurate information about its spread there as well as failed to disclose information about the spread of coronavirus within its borders.

Iran is one such country that adopted this deceitful behavior, confirming once again that this rogue state cannot become a useful member of the international community. By misleading – to protect an election show – it kept the emergence of the epidemic in Iran a secret, and left it to spread until the country became a hotbed of coronavirus outbreak in the region. This eventually led to the export of the virus to Iraq, Lebanon and Yemen as well as to some of the countries of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC). This is tantamount to waging a premeditated biological war.

It is also unfortunate that Tehran refused to cooperate with others, but took the path of perseverance and blame game through woeful talk by its leaders about conspiracy theory, as if the pandemic, which this world has been afflicted with and which affects tens of thousands of people per day, was designed specifically for Iran.

Instead of cooperating with even its allies, Iran refused any assistance. Its leaders deliberately spoke nonsense and derogations in a bid to justify baselessly, in addition to its continued practice of terrorism through a series of proxies in Iraq, Lebanon and Yemen where its militias carry out terrorist operations.

There is no doubt that the world, which has united to confront “Corona”, will never forgive this new aggression perpetuated by the Mullah regime in spreading the coronavirus. Worst of all, this aggression is not directed at a specific people, but at the entire world, which today is in one boat while the Tehran regime is like the boat-sinker that is seeking to sink the boat with everyone onboard.

Therefore, the recent sanctions imposed by the United States of America on Iran are welcomed by the international community; they serve as a prelude to a wave of new disciplinary measures against this rogue regime.

By Ahmed Al-Jarallah

Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times

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