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Wednesday , July 28 2021

Continued banality hype

‘Enough is enough ‘

The former academician and politician Abdullah Al-Nafisi is a well-known political theorist for a number of television channels looking for excitement.

He is, in any case, a skilled and well-known speaker in persuading those who listen to him, especially the semi-educated who constitute a majority among us. He also has a strong memory, adopts sharp and clear positions, his views are often vehement though very volatile from time to time some way or the other.

Al-Nafisi was elected to the National Assembly in 1985 and was very active. He was also a professor of political science at the Kuwait University and was educated at the American University of Beirut at the height of its glory before receiving a doctorate in his own specialty from the Churchill College, Cambridge University in 1972.

Mr Al-Nafisi during television conversations and lectures tries to influence his listeners and attract their attention making use of expressions and special words to put forward his message.

He mentions the names to give impression that he is widely read and his knowledge about decision-making centers and the strength of his memory; however he puts himself in such embarrassing situations because what he tells his audience is far from the truth.

For example, during a television interview he says: “When the Americans wanted to invade Iraq in 2003, they launched their operation from camps in Kuwait, and that a few days earlier an Israeli Mossad delegation arrived in Kuwait and provided the US military a list of Iraqis working at the Iraqi nuclear reactor.

“Mossad asked the Americans to arrest them and ‘ship’ them to America to take advantage of their experience. Those who refuse to cooperate must be killed inside their homes.

“When the US Army arrived in Baghdad, the most important task was to search for these scientists specialized in nuclear physics. Dr Huda Saleh Ammash, a specialist in microbial weapons, was the first to be tracked down.

“They looked for other scientists and were able to ‘ship’ 70 of them to America, and those – 310 of them – who refused to cooperate, were killed inside their homes. They were studying nuclear physics at Iraqi universities which was relied upon by Saddam as a scientific base,” he summed up.

Of course, this is empty and meaningless rhetoric. Huda Saleh Mahdi Ammash was wanted for her partisan status because she was a member in the Ba’ath Party and not because of her nuclear or biological experiences.

If Al-Nafisi was really smart, he would not mention the name of this particular scientist, since she was not killed in her home, neither sent to America.

Huda Ammash was a member of the leadership circle in Iraq, a leading position in the Baath Party. She was on the wanted list of 55 Iraqis – wanted by the American authorities. She was arrested after the US invasion of Iraq in 2003. She was released in 2005 with 7 others from the Saddam regime for lack of evidence of their involvement in war crimes, and left Iraq for Jordan where she died in 2013 from breast cancer.

I do not know why an Israeli Mossad delegation should come to Kuwait to ask the Americans to arrest and kill the Iraqi scientists, or to ‘ship’ them to America, as if there was no means of communication other than a Mossad delegation to visit Kuwait (do you see the excitement). I do not know why they should be killed in their homes, not in any other place wherever they were found, for example at a street corner.

I return to this interview to relate it with my last week article on the existence of those who are already trying to spread things that may be described as undesirable or inappropriate among us and in our lives through interviews, speeches and articles that are often far from the truth and seriousness.

Like the saying goes ‘Enough is enough’ we say enough because we already had enough.

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By Ahmad Al Sarraf




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