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Consumer Price Index hits 4.24% in July

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KUWAIT CITY, Aug 25: The Consumer Price Index (CPI) annual rate registered in July 2022 an increase by 4.24 percent, compared with July 2021, said the Central Statistical Bureau on Thursday. In a press release, the bureau revealed that the CPI increased monthly to 125.4 by 0.08 percent, as a result of high prices of major groups in the movement of the indices. CPI for the Foods Food and Beverage group increased by 7.75 percent, the same with the Cigarette and Tobacco group prices, which rose by 0.07 percent, compared with numbers in July 2021. The prices of Clothing and Footwear group prices increased by 5.69 percent.

Housing Services group increased by 2.17 percent and Household Furniture group prices hiked by 1.86 percent. The statement went on to say that Health group prices went up by 2.13 percent, while the Transportation group prices increased by 4.30 percent. Communication group prices rose by 2.03 percent and Recreation and Cultural group prices increased by 3.51 percent. The prices of the Education group went up by 19.05 percent.(KUNA)

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