‘Conspiracy theory is myth’

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‘Moral strength vital’

I will continue to speak and write, as I have been doing for more than 30 years, and continue to say that the United States of America and the entire West in general are not dependent on Israel or the so-called ‘World Zionism’. And this is why I reject what we call the ‘conspiracy theory’.

However, I do not reject the fact that each country has its own plans and strategies according to its interests, and the more the country grows or becomes more powerful, its plans grow and the more complex its future strategies will be.

Because we have been passing through a stage of weakness and underdevelopment over the past half a century there is no need for others to conspire against us. We are better in digging the graves for each other and then say others conspire against us.

Michael Cohen, the New Yorker lawyer and the Jewish lawyer and adviser to US President Donald Trump is an example of the incorrect theory of Jewish and Zionist domination over America’s capabilities, at least not as many of us imagine.

The absolute truth is that those who possess lots of money, reason and will in the capitalist world can, in theory and to a great extent, control many things but always to some extent.

Historically, no pro-Israel president has occupied the White House like Donald Trump, and historically no American press, with all their tendencies has stood against a president like in the case with Donald Trump except the extreme right wing newspapers, yet we claim that the American press is owned and operated and controlled by world Zionism and Israel itself. How can we explain this.

How come Israel, which controls America as it is said and believed, is unable to save the Hollywood billionaire Harvey Weinstein, its Hollywood man, from the scandals and failed to prevent his expulsion from organizations of world fame and loss of everything?

If the US is in Israel’s back pocket, what is the need for Israel to spy on the US and one of its citizen Jonathan Pollard fell in the ‘trap’ of American security and was sentenced to life imprisonment? Israel failed to convince more than five successive US presidents to pardon him before serving 30 years in jail.

How did Israel remain silent when a US judge in a modest court issued a verdict against Cohen, the most famous Jewish lawyer in America and the lawyer for President Trump, thus ending his political and professional life?

The weaker we are, the easier it is to control us. We have been negligent about our reputation, rights and souls, so we have become an easy prey for every sinful imposter. We justify our weaknesses by saying ‘everyone conspires against us’.

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By Ahmad Al-Sarraf



This news has been read 9779 times!

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