Congratulations to Arabs over Netanyahu’s victory

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ACCORDING to the results of the fourth parliamentary elections in Israel, the victory of the current Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was a source of joy, both in secret and in public, for many people in the Middle East. This is because they consider Israel as a natural ally to repel the Iranian terrorist aggression that has continued for four decades.

There is no doubt that the failure to achieve a stable government in the past two years was due to the fact that Israel was paying the price for all its deferred crises caused by the administration of former US president Barack Obama when it had worked through the nuclear agreement to strengthen the claws and fangs of the Iranian monster in the region. It had also contributed to provoking internal crises in more than one Arab country under the slogan of “the Arab Spring”, which hindered the comprehensive normalization project with Israel.

Meanwhile, the Trump administration worked for four years to remove the negative influences left behind by the democratic administration.

During the era of Trump’s rule and his alliance with Netanyahu, we saw how the train of normalization began quickly. Given that the rest of the Arab countries will end up joining sooner or later, the issue of strategic stability is strongly emerging. It is the common denominator between the Arab countries and Israel, which existentially needs to bring down the Iranian military nuclear project and ballistic missiles, perhaps more than the Arab countries, despite the risks Israel faces in this regard.

Therefore, the presence of Netanyahu in power now means continuation of the path that started about three years ago in terms of normalizing ties with the Arab countries and  neutralizing the Iranian threat, so that the region can enjoy the peace that it had missed for 70 years. There were no Arab or Israeli leadership except for the late Anwar Sadat who dared to abort the dangers of war through peace, something that Netanyahu has been insisting for years and has worked for since he came to power in 1996.

Throughout the past decade, Israel has been the catalyst for suppressing Iranian movements both in Lebanon and Syria. This crystallized in the  military neutralization operations of the Revolutionary Guard in Syria, which helped a lot to stem the Iranian expansion in the region and encircle it through harmony in confrontation, either in Yemen or Iraq or Syria.

There is also a great benefit in the Arab alliance with Israel, which is deepening the partnership with the Western ally, as it is true that there are several Arab countries that are allies of the United States, but historically Israel is considered as the strongest ally. It has enormous political power in Washington, and is a strong defense against the Iranian plan, which does not accept any peace or stability in the region before achieving its dark expansionist goals.

This fact assumes the existence of a strong ally with the ability to confront. We have experienced Israel on more than one occasion in the region, especially when it bombed the Iraqi military nuclear reactor. While there was no retaliation to this matter, the experiment could be repeated if Tel Aviv found it necessary to stop the Iranian nuclear program.

At that point, the whole world will be on its side, and the region as well as the world will enjoy peace, not just the Arab countries, which continue to endure the behavior of the Mullahs regime.

By Ahmed Al-Jarallah

Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times

This news has been read 37458 times!

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