Congratulations Sheikh Talal Al-Fahd

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Sheikh Talal Al-Fahd is no stranger to the sports arena. His election as President of the Olympic Council of Asia is a kind of tribute to the Kuwaiti sports, which of course, has suffered in the recent past due to several problems, but with the return of Sheikh Talal at the helm of affairs we see a silver lining on the horizon because the man is full of wisdom, and has the ability to promote Asian sports and put Kuwait back on the pedestal of glorious past.

Sattam Al Jarallah

Whoever is well-versed with the performance of Sheikh Talal in several positions that he held previously, most notably as the President of the Kuwait Olympic Committee and the Kuwait Football Association, know that with Sheikh Talal back at the helm the lean years of Kuwaiti sports have come to an end as we look forward for glory.

This man is a leader, not an employee. He is aware of the problems that Kuwait and Asian sports suffer from. He has the ability to pull the strings together as he focuses on good governance, financial sustainability and development programs for sports and athletes as head of the Olympic Council of Asia. In this regard he has promised to renew the diplomatic agreement with the Kuwaiti authorities as well as education programs and high-quality Asian games.

It is true the health problems that Sheikh Talal Al- Fahd was subjected to were seen by some as an obstacle to his career, but in fact he was able to rest since despite the pain, he was fully aware of the conditions of sports in Kuwait and Asia. With him taking the mantle of the Olympic Council of Asia, the sun is shining bright on the faces of those who know the great influence Sheikh Talal Al-Fahd has on local and regional sports, as well as cementing the pillars of all sports, which he sees as a message from Kuwait to the world about what Kuwaiti champions can offer in international forums.

Sheikh Talal Al-Fahd was honest when he said after his victory, “I come from a home and a sports school dating back to sixty years. My father was one of the founders of the Olympic Council of Asia. My brother was a leader and chairman of the board with your support. I will follow their footsteps. I promise you that within an hour from now I will unite Asia again, and nothing will threaten the games or the council staff.

I promise you that you will never be a victim of the past scenario; and you will not close the door to anyone from Asia as we will keep our doors open. His vision is to unify and develop the institution that are entrusted to him and we are sure the ability of the man who is part and parcel of the 60-year-old sports school. Congratulations to Kuwait on the assumption of Sheikh Talal Al-Fahd the presidency of the Olympic Council of Asia. By Sattam Ahmed Al-Jarallah CEO, the Arab Times

This news has been read 61104 times!

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