Conditions of my country, my problem and Al-Qabas

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My problem with Al-Qabas started about 30 years ago because what I want to write about is more than what it can publish, so articles accumulate, and it is too late to publish some of them, so I cross out what I was tired of writing, because I am not a professional writer with a smooth pen but just a businessman who loves writing.

I tweeted a few days ago that we are going through a political crisis and a conflict between the government and the parliament, and therefore the ruined roads have to wait and those waiting for tenders to be issued must be patient, and laws and development projects must stand on the waiting line, and health development programs must be patient because all these things and many others will result in postponing them in ruins and losses and delay, but it is able to bear the consequences of delaying it, to some extent, as the shepherd will not die in the end and the sheep will not perish.

However, there are two things that cannot be tolerated or wait for the end of this political problem, or that constitutional dilemma, which are education and morals. When education is corrupted, morals are ruined, everything is corrupted with them.

The case of leaking high school exam papers , and the involvement of more than 40,000 students in clear cases of cheating, in addition to many of the ministry’s senior administrators, school principals, exam supervisors, and an army of assistants and parents. All this terrible number of cheating students, and the money paid by parents for their children to buy answers to leaked exam questions, and to buy cheat headphones are frightening evidence of a complete lack of values.

This issue of cheating does not only affect those involved, including students and teachers, but rather the entire nation, government and people. There have been large mass cases of cheating in the past, and their fate was to underestimate their seriousness, and to cover up the perpetrators, so it is believed that this what the government administration wants, perhaps, or this is what some ministers want in order to prove their success to the government leadership through high numbers of success.

If I were in the place of the minister of education, I would not have sufficed with submitting my resignation, but rather I would have committed suicide, but we live in a time when standards are irreversible.

Just thinking about the size of this crime is so terrifying. There is no doubt about the importance of the measures taken or will be taken by the Ministry of Education to deal with the matter, and to deal with these cheaters, and those who facilitate cheating for them, but it is expected that there will be interventions and mediations, and those who do not have influential sources to support them will lose.

This does not mean that the issue or cheating will not be repeated in the future because cheating has become an established norm someone protects and promotes it, after morals have hit the bottom of the ocean.

We are in a real moral crisis, and the evidence for that, which is terrifying and painful is that we have not heard, until writing this article, a voice of condemnation or protest, astonishment, or pain from the scale and horror of the scandal from any concerned party in the Ministry of Education, or from the deputies, clerics, and preachers who disturbed our ears by repeating their words about negative morals and values.

We are tired of demanding to teach morals intensively, but there is no answer, so who do we turn to?

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By Ahmad alsarraf

This news has been read 35360 times!

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