Colossal losses: Ministry sounds alarm on electricity cable thefts

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Cable theft crisis: Ministry urges collaborative efforts to combat theft.

KUWAIT CITY, May 16: Authorities at the Ministry of Electricity, Water, and Renewable Energy have warned about the rampant theft of electricity cables, citing colossal losses that far exceed their actual value. These losses not only impact the financial stability of service provision but also lead to significant disruptions in essential utilities, such as electricity and water.

The Ministry highlighted the direct financial impact of cable theft, as well as the indirect consequences, including service disruptions that necessitate lengthy procurement processes for replacement cables. Such delays, attributed to bureaucratic red tape, exacerbate service interruptions, affecting citizens across various sectors.

In a statement to Al-Jarida, Ministry sources commended the ongoing efforts of the Ministry of Interior in combating these thefts. Recent arrests announced by the Interior Ministry, which apprehended three individuals on charges of stealing and selling electrical cables, were particularly noted as positive steps in addressing the issue.

However, the Ministry stressed the need for intensified efforts to tackle the thriving black market for stolen cables. They called for targeted campaigns to dismantle illicit trading networks and track the routes through which stolen cables are smuggled out of the country. These cables often undergo alterations in workshops to erase their origins before being exported under pretenses.

The Ministry also underscored the role of recycling industries in legitimizing stolen goods, urging a reassessment of anti-theft strategies to curb such criminal activities. They lamented the decline in security patrols, such as Haggana patrols, which were previously effective deterrents against cable theft.

Ultimately, the Ministry emphasized the urgent need for collaborative action among all relevant state ministries to eradicate this scourge. They warned that cable theft not only undermines government services but also enriches criminals at the expense of public welfare. Restoring security measures and prosecuting criminal networks are deemed essential to safeguarding essential utilities and protecting citizens’ interests.

This news has been read 1925 times!

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