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Co-op launches smart trolleys in unique shopping experience – avoid crowding

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KUWAIT CITY, June 14: Abu Fteira Cooperative Society has commissioned 11 “smart mobile cashier trolleys” using which a shopper can enjoy a unique shopping experience of calculating the value of all the purchases, and paying the cost to save time and avoid crowding.

Asayel Al-Ajeel while shopping

This comes in light of combating the spread of COVID-19, and supporting the efforts exerted by the government represented by Ministry of Health and Ministry of Commerce and Industry to issue laws that reduce the congestion witnessed in cooperative societies.

Board member and Chairperson of the Services Committee at Abu Fteira Cooperative Society Hamad Al-Shammari

Board member and Chairperson of the Services Committee at Abu Fteira Cooperative Society Hamad Al-Shammari said the co-op is among the first to commission such a service with the aim of enriching the experience of shoppers and expediting the pace of smart transformation that the State needs in most sectors in order to continue to work safely.

He stressed that introducing such a service in the co-op will facilitate the buying process significantly, and reduce the time each person spends waiting at the cashier to pay for the purchases, adding that it also contributes to meeting the health precautionary measures in terms of social distancing.

Al-Shammari said he wished such “smart cashier trolleys” were available in all the supermarkets in Kuwait. He explained that the trolleys are equipped with an “iPad” device, and the pricing device is a “barcode reader”. The shopper can swipe all the goods to be purchased over the device to calculate the total amount of all the products which will appear on the screen.

They can then pay the value of purchases using KNet service. This facilitates the shopping process without the need to wait in long queues. Al-Shammari affirmed that this service won the admiration and appreciation of all shoppers that the co-op serves.

In a press statement, Asayel Al-Ajeel, one of the shoppers, praised the service provided by the co-op to the shoppers. She affirmed that it facilitates the shopping process, makes it feel safe, and reduces the risk of infection with the COVID-19 virus either by waiting in queues of shoppers to complete the payment process, or through dealing directly with the cashier or one of the co-op attendants

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