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Wednesday , February 1 2023

Clothes, persona irrelevant

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There is no one faster than us in issuing ironic descriptions and sarcasm and criticize those we hate, or whom we do not like or their appearance, and we give our opinion on almost everything in the whole world.

This leader is just an actor, and that is nothing but a gay, and the third, bald or without moustache, or of unknown parentage, of modest origin, infidel or Freemason to the end of descriptions that the developed world has not paid any attention to them.

The best is the one who is most creative and of benefit to humanity and who is competent, reputable, honest and achiever. It is not the son of the family or of a beautiful appearance, who deserves appreciation and respect.

Therefore, it is wrong to unleash our instincts and whims when we evaluate others, and the necessity of avoiding giving the parent, the class, and the cousin more than they deserve.

When President Ronald Reagan ran for the President some described him as a failed actor who did not even appear in a single movie, but this failed actor succeeded, and at the lowest cost, in accelerating the overthrow of the greatest military power in history and the pioneer of communism by cultivating terror into the heart of its leaders, and prompted them to spend madly on armament programs and to enter into an exhaustive race with America, which eventually led to the collapse of the Soviet Union economically, politically, and even morally.

Reagan also succeeded in reducing inflation in America from 14.5% to 4.4%, and the failed actor, in his second term, received the highest number of votes in the history of the American presidency for his great social and economic achievements.

In the same context, many described Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky as a puppet, a gay, a failed comedian, and other descriptions, but as soon as Mother Russia declared war on Ukraine, the former actor, who performed poorly on stage, proved to be the best and succeeded over his opponents on the battlefield, militarily and politically, as his solid positions contributed to inspiring his people to resist the invaders with a ferocity they did not expect from him and to withstand the Russian bear for many months, so the scales turned in his favor.

Lawyer Zelensky was born into a small Jewish minority family in 1978 and became president in 2019 and gained world recognition and respect as the leader of Ukraine.

Regardless of the reasons, and in violation of all UN resolutions, Russia launched a war on an independent country, because it probably did not accept the idea of losing Ukraine, which was the jewel in the crown of the Soviet Union.

Many Soviet Union leaders, most prominent scholars, experts, and innovators were from Ukraine. It is also a reservoir of food, precious metals and advanced minds, and its loss has severely impacted Russia, and this fear is what prompted the Ukrainians to get closer to the West, which provoked the Russians more, so they gave themselves the right to nibble at Crimea by force in 2014, amid a global rejection, to follow that with their invasion to the entirety of its lands last February, and the deduction of large parts of it, and the whole matter ended with what looks like a military failure that is the most insulting to the prestige of the new tsar.

The CIA believes that Russian forces are facing not only greater resistance than they expected, but an unstoppable counterattack, with Western aid flowing into Ukraine, and this is what the Russian intelligence failed to anticipate, as the number of Russian army dead, at least, reached 100,000 soldiers, and Ukrainians like that, not to mention the loss of civilian lives, and the loss of more than half a trillion dollars in property.

All this happened because of an individual decision made by someone and nobody dares say NO to him.

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By Ahmad alsarraf

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