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Wednesday , August 10 2022

Clever MP & the bedoun girl

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Goebbels, Hitler’s Propaganda minister, says: When I hear the word “intellectual,” I reach for my gun.

In Kuwait, when I hear a representative swear by God Almighty, before making his statement, I feel that what he will say is mostly untrue.

In a symposium held recently related to issues of education of the bedouns, a deputy stated, after he swore by God Almighty that he mediated for a bedoun girl to be accepted into a private university, and that she had recently graduated with a high rate, and was the first in her class.

He said that she did not find anyone to employ her but an international American company offered her a job with a salary of 10,000 dinars per month.

The deputy lamented about her situation, and he was supposed to congratulate her. Refusal to hire her gave her the opportunity to get a prestigious job in an international company, with a salary that only 50 people get in Kuwait.

Of course such talk is inaccurate, so I inquired about her and found that the deputy himself offered her to work for him, but she refused.

I don’t know why the likes of this representative tend to narrate events that are not acceptable to the mind, only to draw the attention of their listeners without paying attention to the negative impact of their words which are often inaccurate, as if those who listen to them are a group of sheep.

I understand the deputy’s unwillingness to mention the girl’s name even if narrating her story does not preclude mentioning her name, however, I wonder why did he not mention the name of the private university that she graduated from, which is a good testimony for her and for the university. Why did he not mention the year of graduation, and the nature of her specialization?

Finally, what prevented the representative from mentioning the name of the American international company, which paid the girl 10,000 dinars as a salary, to add even something of credibility to his words?

The story of this girl reminded me of news reported by Al-Qabas a few days ago, on the front page, about the appointment by Google, the largest firm in human history, with a market value of nearly $3 trillion, of a newly graduated Kuwaiti girl as “director of planning and strategy in the company. Of course the news is completely accurate, but perhaps no one else cared.

Representative Hassan Jowhar formed a promising political phenomenon, but his wind quickly evaporated and those who appreciated his positions were disappointed, especially after the emptiness of many of his arguments was exposed, and his orientation for political gain by adopting populist issues, which many see as being at the expense of the public interest, and calling on the state to spend on the welfare of the citizen because he deserves it.

He also fiercely criticized all those who called for following the correct and prudent ways of spending, and to stay away from the policies of financial satisfaction, as if the homeland was soon disappearing.

Although the state is morally obliged to provide housing for the citizen, it is not necessarily obligated to give every family a villa. There are many alternatives that provide decent and respectful housing for every citizen.

Note: Former MP Musallam Al-Barrak joined those who demand the adoption of a law obligating the Public Institute for Social Security to distribute annual profits to retirees. Will this irrationality come to an end?

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By Ahmad alsarraf

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