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Monday , September 26 2022

Civil ID card ready for delivery, rules for citizens and expats who need to be in person

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KUWAIT CITY, Jul 4: The director of the Civil Registry Department at the Public Authority for Civil Information (PACI) Mohammed Al-Shamali, stated that the authority will announce today in official gazette of home delivery of civil ID card to the owners which will be an optional choice.

The PACI will begin receiving visitors after a 4-month break due to the Corona virus crisis, the visitors who have booked appointments through website which was open on Saturday morning will be allowed.

Around 100,000 Civil ID cards are ready also health measures have been taken, including sterilizing the entire building of the commission and staff offices besides organizing chairs for social distancing. 30% of employees have been called on duty which excludes the elderly, the handicapped, pregnant women and those with chronic diseases for their safety. To avoid crowding on the floors stickers of instructions and spacing have been placed.

Al-Shamali stated that through website 2000 reservations were made for collection in one and half hour which opened at 9,0clock in the morning and 500 to complete transactions. After first week reservations will be increased later.

Certificates for citizens of the

Transactions that require personal attendance to complete them in the certification office:

  • Issuing certificates for all citizens only (individuals – real estate – civil authority – government agencies).
  • Transactions of re-registration in the collective registration office.

Civil cards delivery

  • 100,000 cards ready for delivery with prior reservation.
  • From 9 am until 1 pm in Jahra and to 5pm in the south Surra.
    Working hours: from Sunday to Thursday.
  • 200 visitors every hour to receive cards.

No photocopying of documents

The authority canceled the photocopying of transactions in its building, to ensure the safety of visitors and avoid crowding at photocopying machines.

Multiple entrances

A special entrance for citizens and another for expatriates has been established, in addition to a special door for visitors to enter to receive Civil ID cards and facilitate their transactions according to health requirements.

Transactions that require personal attendance for expats

Following are transactions that personal attendance is required with prior reservation:

  • Changing or correcting the birth date of the individual for whom no birth data is available in the birth file.
  • Registration or cancellation of document.
  • Issuing the automated number certificate for the property or the agency, survey buildings or entities.
  • Registration of new born in Kuwait who has not completed the formalities
  • Correction of a file, cancellation of residency or pending residence.
  • Replacement of lost Civil ID
  • Add a photo of a child who is 5 years old.

Personal attendance of citizens and Gulf nationals
Following are transactions that personal attendance is required with prior reservation:

  • Change or correct the name.
  • Change or correct the date of birth.
  • Change of address.
  • Cancelling off non-residents.
  • First time registration of a Gulf citizen
  • Gulf Card Renewal.
  • Correction in spelling for Gulf citizen.
  • Replacement of lost Civil ID card
  • Add a photo of a child who is 5 years old.

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