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Monday , November 29 2021

Kuwaitis & Expats hostage of neglect as Khaitan plight turns bad to worse

Heavy vehicles, broken roads, garbage makes life difficult

KUWAIT CITY, Jan 10: As the situation in Khaitan continues to go from bad to worse, the citizens and expatriates living in the area have become hostage of neglect.

A view of the situation in Khaitan

The infrastructure in the Khaitan can be summarized as worse due to lack of control and maintenance which does not seem to be the concern of various authorities which have turned a blind eye to the plight of those living in this area.

In the midst of the already dilapidated asphalt, the trucks occupy must of the open areas while the sight of potholes and sewage water overflowing on the roads is familiar and seems not to bother the government officials.

Several Khaitan residents say the decision by the Kuwait Municipality to close the public squares has increased their woes as the commercial area which is full of shipping offices have now invaded these open areas where they park their refrigerator trucks, huge freight containers and transit trucks, and some shipping offices have transferred their activity to the inner open areas as a result a number of residents living in buildings adjacent to these open grounds have now nowhere to park their vehicles.

The residents of Block 6 complain about the difficulty of reaching their homes since the streets are narrow and worn out and to add insult to injury huge trucks cause traffic chaos and road blocks which sometimes lasts for even more than an hour. The residents say the concerned authorities must prevent huge trucks from entering these narrow roads which cause inconvenience to them.

They said some of the vehicles are not moved for several months which is very disturbing because no one knows what is happening in the area as sometimes goods are transported from one vehicle to another. They explained, one truck occupies the place of 10 small cars, and not only that, but some officials of freight offices place obstacles on the open ground to facilitate the movement of their huge vehicles. On the other hand, many residents complain that the streets, from beginning to end, are filled with overfl owing sewage and when there is rain mini pools are formed everywhere, the effects of which are still there.

By Abdel Nasser Al- Aslami Al-Seyassah Staff and Agencies

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