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Citizen acquitted of child abuse in case filed by kin

KUWAIT CITY, Aug 18: The Court of Appeals upheld the verdict of the First Instance Court, which acquitted a citizen of molesting his children in a lawsuit filed by the father of his ex-wife. Lawyer for the citizen, Attorney Abdul Muhsin Al-Qattan, pointed out in court the lack of evidence, indicating the plaintiff hurled false accusations against his client. Al-Qattan argued in court that the detective in charge of the investigation is also in charge of another case concerning the accused. He added that in the other case, the citizen was acquitted as well, affirming there is connection between the detective, plaintiff and ex-wife of the accused.

Ruling on Aug 24: The Court of Appeals postponed until Aug 24, 2016 the issuance of its verdict on the petition filed by Alghanim Auto Company against the ruling of a lower court which banned the company from selling Ford Lincoln vehicles, reports Al-Nahar daily. Previously, a court ruling obliged Alghanim Auto Company and Ford Company (parent company) to challenge the Executive Department, Customs General Department, ministries of Commerce, Municipality and Information for prohibiting the importation of any Ford and Lincoln, as well as the spare parts, through Alghanim Auto and Ford. This is in addition to banning Ford Lincoln advertisements on various media platforms in Kuwait, let alone barring Alghanim Auto from engaging in any commercial activity under the name Ford and Lincoln.

It has been reported that the Ministry of Commerce refused twice to register Alghanim Auto Company as Ford’s agent in Kuwait, while the company sued the ministries of Commerce and Information demanding cancellation of the decision. Sources from the Commerce Ministry affirmed that the decision to end the agency rights of Alghanim Auto is in line with the Commercial Agencies Law. On the other hand, the Commerce Ministry affirmed, in its letter sent last Tuesday in response to the inquiry about the local agent of the American company Ford Motors, that Arabian Motors Group (Hamad Al-Wazzan) is the sole agent according to registration number 162- 1986, 167-1986 and 88-225. This covers all kinds of Ford Lincoln and Mercury vehicles manufactured by Ford Motors as per the agreement which is valid for an indefinite period.

Support for students: Attorney Ahmed Ibrahim Al-Jalal has filed a case in support of the students of the Faculty of Sharia following a story which was published recently offensive of these students. In his complaint the lawyer said the Faculty of Sharia has produced many prominent scholars including lawyers and teachers who have served Kuwait. He stressed it is unfair to doubt or defame their loyalty to the nation and their patriotism and said those who ‘hold’ the Holy Quran are more qualified to recognize the rights of the nation. He was referring to a questionnaire which included 1,194 students of the Kuwait University who were picked up at random to know their views on the Faculty of Sharia.

By Jaber Al-Hamoud Al-Seyassah Staff

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