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Wednesday , April 21 2021

‘CID’ employee assaults traffic policeman

KUWAIT CITY, Dec 13: An unidentified person, allegedly working for the Criminal Investigation Department of the Ministry of Interior has been arrested for reckless driving, speeding, attempting to escape the law and head-butting a traffic policeman after he was chased and arrested on the First Ring Road, reports Al-Anba daily. Giving the full details of the case, the daily said, the suspect was seen racing on the King Fahd Motorway alongside a motorbike driver.

When the police patrol chased the suspects and ordered them to pull over, the motorbike driver escaped but the Jeep driver was chased and forced to pull over on the First Ring Road.

When the suspect came out of the vehicle he identified himself as the employee of the CID and added, he had done nothing wrong and that there were no drugs, no booze or death was involved, the patrol officer insisted that he violated the traffic law and put handcuffs on him.

As he was being led to the patrol car, the suspect head butted the man in uniform causing him to bleed profusely from the nose, which necessitated his referral to the area hospital.

Then a winch was called and the man’s vehicle was taken to the ministry garage. The suspect has been detained at the area police station. Police are looking for the motor- biker.

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