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Thursday , February 25 2021

Christian humanity, not Kuwaiti humanity

Ali Ahmed Al-Baghli

WE were stunned and excited after receiving the news about a generous Christian French national who donated the organs of his four-year-old daughter to four Kuwaiti children whose lives would have been at risk had it not been for the generous donation of the kidneys and heart of that French child at the request of her father.

I dedicate this article to the enemies of humanity among us and those who enact baseless laws such as the law that prohibits naturalization of non-Muslims!

We are confident that the resting place of that Christian man, his daughter and her mother will be Heaven, God willing.

As for you, we will see you in Hell with your peers – the Boko Haram, the Taleban and ISIS, whose hands are soaked with the blood of innocent people whom they murdered simply because those people do not follow the bloody beliefs of those extremists who claim to represent Islam, when in reality, nothing about them is Islamic.

May Almighty Allah have mercy on that young French Christian angel. May He reward her parents what they deserve for raising the banner of humanity and showing kindness to their fellow mankind who were created to live and build this earth; this is exactly what we were created for.

The humanity that we have been claiming to have got trampled at the door of Farwaniya Hospital, where an elderly Asian man, who was discharged from the hospital after recovering from COVID-19, was left in front of the hospital door in a wheelchair at 2:00 pm. He remained there as there was no one to receive him; his sponsor refused to receive him. Four hours later, that man died due to heat.

On Sunday, July 4, Al-Seyassah newspaper published his photograph – which pierces any heart that has an iota of humanity – on its frontpage with the caption “Where is humanity?”

The elderly man was in traditional Kuwaiti clothes, his face was bent over his thighs, and his bare legs resting on the wheelchair. All this is transpiring in the midst of complete silence of the Ministry of Health, which has been deafening our ears in the recent months with its ill-conceived decisions to prohibit almost everything.

These decisions prevented us from leaving our homes, and from opening our offices and our commercial interests. They prevented us from congratulating each other during Eid festival and from comforting the bereaved ones.

These decisions prevented us from traveling at a time when we are used to traveling since our childhood days. All these are part of the long list of prohibitions that our Ministry of Health recently graced us with, which none of the health ministries in the world have adopted.

A citizen had posted a video on his Twitter account showing the elderly person who died in the wheelchair, and commented, “This elderly man was prevented from entering the hospital and stayed for hours in hot weather until he died. Surprisingly, no passerby thought of providing him with assistance. This is nothing but a sign of the society’s destruction.”

This is what I meant by the title of this article – what an honorable French-Christian humanity, and what a shameful Kuwaiti humanity!

By Ali Ahmed Al-Baghli

Former Minister of Oil

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