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Wednesday , June 16 2021

‘Choose right team to hit goal’

One of the first tasks of any prime minister who is assigned the job to choose ministers is to look for capable persons who will help him implement his plan, assuming that he has a specific plan.

Since Kuwait falls in the category of the ‘Third World’ countries, the selection of ministers is often done in one of the two ways: either ministerial appointments to satisfy the majority of the influential parties, irrespective if the chosen minister is competent or not, or to satisfy the majority of the spectrum of society, with one or two qualified people.

The ministries over the past half a century were often formed by one of this or that, and since times have changed, and what was suitable for yesterday is not suitable for today, especially since the method of selecting ministers in the last two or more governments was not successful at all, and was marred by deficiencies and fatal errors, especially with regard to the deputies, and the example of the minister who doesn’t know that Al-Roumi died hundreds of years ago is still fresh in our minds because it was a bad choice.

The cabinet, or the ministerial team, is not much different from the football team. The game requires the team manager and captain to score the highest number of goals, and this is not done by choosing a Shiite forward, Rashidi in defense, Mutairi to control the midfield, fourth and fifth from the chamber of commerce and a merchant playing in the wings, a woman as cheerleader, but the choice is made based on the skill of each player in his respective position if winning the match is the goal, regardless of the player’s race, sect, or hair color.

Consequently, His Highness the Prime Minister, if he really wants a strong ministry, he must abandon the current miserable quota system in selecting ministers, and nothing should prevent him from acting as the captain of the ‘Save the Nation’ team, and appoint highly qualified ministers even if three of them are from the Mutair, three are Shiites, and four of the Rashidi, for example, and the rest are women, if the goal is to win the battle of backwardness and corruption and to save the homeland and the people from our acute health and economic situation that is closest to inanimate objects.

The choice is yours, Your Highness, the Prime Minister: Either a choice that satisfies the conscience and serves the interest of the dear homeland and its honorable people, who have become poor, or we will remain as we are, and therefore we will never get out of this corruption, whose network has already become larger than the sewage network

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By Ahmad alsarraf

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