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Child born from Kuwaiti father outside Kuwait – How to acquire passport for the child.

I saw you have Legal Clinic and I would like to ask for some information. I am married to a Kuwaiti national and I gave birth to a baby girl in Europe (she was born premature but now in good health). My husband is organizing our life in Kuwait now. I would like to know what is the procedure if a baby is born outside of Kuwait to a Kuwaiti father. How does she get her passport? Does it happen automatically as we are married or we have to do DNA test to prove he is the father?

Name withheld

Answer: We infer from your submission that you and the baby are still residing in Europe. If our inference is right then we suggest that you contact the Kuwaiti embassy in your country of residence and you will be provided with the information you require concerning your child.

We can however state if you and your child’s father are married and the child was not born out of wed-lock, we do not think you will have a problem in acquiring a passport for the child as her father is a Kuwaiti as you said. We do not also think there will be any need for a DNA test.

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