Saturday , September 30 2023

‘Checks will help you not fall prey to impersonation’

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Checking your personal record in court should not be taken lightly. In a world driven by technology, new methods emerge through technology to commit crimes – impersonating someone is the worst that could happen to a person especially if the impersonation leads to an accusation.

How does someone know if a case is filed against him or if a criminal act is committed under his name? A simple step will protect you legally – going to the Information Section in court with your original ID to request for a printout of your legal record to check if there is any lawsuit against you.

Working in courts gave me the chance to see how a lot of people had judgments against them without knowing they were supposed to go to court and defend themselves because, in the first place, they didn’t know there was a case against them.

I remember once that due to having a similar name with someone, a person who was not involved had to go to court defending himself in a matter which was not related to him at all. Such mistakes happen, but it is worse if the person does not know there is a case against him and the judgment is already declared!

Just by checking your record in court regularly will protect you from anyone who will try to harm you behind your back. Moreover, the court is specialized in cases that had already been filed so when someone checks his name in the system these cases will show up.

However, the criminal cases that investigators are still working on will not appear in the system.  You have to go to the police station and ask about your legal record to find out if there is any complaint against you.

Through these steps, you can check thoroughly and protect yourself legally. Please take care.

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By Atyab Alshatti, Esq