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Thursday , October 6 2022

Cheated by Agent

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I am a trained teacher from Ghana with eleven years of teaching experience. I also have certificates in banking and cashiering. Just recently, I was told by an agent that I could get a teaching job in Kuwait. I didn’t know there were differences in the visa.

When I arrived in Kuwait, I was told that my visa, Article 20, is only for house help job. Please help me because I didn’t sign any contract to that effect and the agent deceived me to believe that I was coming for a teaching job.

Now they said my visa is non-transferable so I must work as a house help for two years or pay 600 KD and go back to Ghana. I am begging you to use your honorable office to save me from this predicament.

1. Help me with a transferable visa

2. Help me get a teaching or cashier job. I have all my certificates.

Name withheld
Answer: From your letter it seems that you bought your visa from a visa trader rather applying for a job with one of the local companies and then getting a visa from that firm. Keeping that in mind there is nothing you can do to get out of your situation because the law penalizes both the parties involved in the visa trade, more so the person who sells such visas.

If you go to the authorities you will also have to face legal consequences with the end result being that you will be deported from the country.

There is no legal way out of this situation and you will have do the best you can with what you have in hand.

On the issue of helping you get a transferable visa or securing a job for you, we must clarify that the Legal Clinic is aimed at only providing legal advice to the readers. We must stress that we are not in the business of providing visas or jobs.

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