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Monday , September 26 2022

Charities of hoopoes, crows

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Because of the repercussions of the Arab Spring crime that came close to overthrowing the legitimacy in the country, and take us to the banks of the ruins, the government held the heroes of that stage accountable some of whom had acquired the nationality of the country years before it.

Some were referred to the judiciary and verdicts were issued against them and some lost their nationality. Some others were rude and took hostile political stances and gave speeches criticizing the regime.

With interventions, often from radical religious parties, a special amnesty was issued for some of them, including preachers, while depriving them of political action.

Some people know the extent of the strength of the religious and political currents that had previously saved some from going to the gallows in stances of murders, and the money they could benefit from charity activities as they were the ones who had previously achieved their wealth and social status from their positions.

Some of these preachers who were previously banned from involving in political work have returned to the field of charitable work from which they were previously expelled after the withdrawal of their citizenships and they are confident that this return will contribute to lifting the ban on them in future, therefore they established or revived their charity societies of hoopoes and crows to collect what can be collected and take their share from the collected money.

A brochure stated that one of the associations succeeded, with the help of the donated money to convince 20,000 people to convert to Islam.

I do not wish to question the authenticity of this claim, but I just wonder how the one who runs this association or whoever represents it managed to persuade exactly 20 thousand, and not less or more than that to abandon their former beliefs and convert to Islam, while the whole world is afflicted with the COVID-19 pandemic and almost every country braces against curfews and lockdowns and add to this the travel ban which have made the world a virtual prison?

The number of Muslims in the world is approaching one and a half billion, so does this mean anything in the global balance of power in order to increase the number by twenty or thirty thousand? Is the issue in quantity or quality?

What are our achievements and actions compared to the achievements of 15 million Jews?

The task of preaching the religion was required when man was a sword, a spear, a warrior and a knight, and Muslims were few, but the modern age man is the mind, science and thought, meaning the quality and not the quantity.

What have all of us given, to humanity over a thousand years, while our numbers are constantly increasing? Are the families of large numbers more able to provide excellent education for their children and find jobs for them, for example, in order to seek to increase our numbers as Muslims?

Consequently, I would have made a donation to this association if it had said in its announcement that it has succeeded in educating a thousand people in various professions, language or skill  irrespective to their religions and as a result of that good and real work they decided to convert to Islam and did not do so because someone lured them with money or food. Stop deceiving us!

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Ahmad alsarraf

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