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Monday , September 26 2022

Charities, donations in Kuwait under ‘scrutiny’ – New CSC, KU scam rears head

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KUWAIT CITY, Dec 22, (Agencies): All charitable donations, spending of the granted funds as well as works of philanthropic associations in the State of Kuwait are subject to stringent scrutiny by the relevant authorities, a ranking official re-affirmed on Thursday.

Donated funds, ways of their expenditure and tasks of the charities are subject to strict supervision by the relevant authorities, said Muneera Al-Kandari, Director of the Department of Charities at the Ministry of Social Affairs and Labor.

Al-Kandari, in a press statement, said none of the proclaimed 27 associations has “spent the donation money for unspecified purposes over the past years. “These donations are not left without hinges for any person to manipulate with, free from legal supervision,” Al-Kandari reemphasized.

The ministry has drawn up all needed restrictions and terms for regulating collection of donations, in and outside Kuwait, in coordination with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Central Bank of Kuwait, she said.

Explaining further, the charities department director said that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs follows up on remittances from Kuwait “and in some cases follows up on works of the charities abroad.” Philanthropic activities in Kuwait have been largely successful due to the associations’ close cooperation with the ministry of social affairs with respect of implementing the relevant laws. Kuwait generously aid nations in need or experiencing crises or catastrophes worldwide.

In appreciation, the UN has designated His Highness the Amir as a global humanitarian leader and the country as a humanitarian center. Al-Kandari revealed that Ministry of Social Affairs and Labor will ask Ministry of Communication to request telecommunication companies to cut the service of the mobile numbers which are used to call people and ask for donations without the permission of the ministry.

She indicated that a list of the violators who are caught collecting donations illegally will be referred to Ministry of Interior so that necessary legal action can be taken against them. Al-Kandari explained that 14 charity societies have so far applied for permission to participate in the campaign for collecting donations for the Syrian refugees.

These charity societies will participate in the campaign for six months and they will have to send detailed reports about the collected donations every day until the end of the campaign. Meanwhile, a new scandal involving the Civil Service Commission (CSC) and Kuwait University has emerged due to the latest batch of graduates specialized in majors that are not required in the labor market, reports Al-Shahed daily quoting informed sources.

They explained to the daily that the majors of these graduates do not match the needs of the labor market in ministries and other governmental bodies. CSC was surprised by the step taken by the university to admit large number of students in these unwanted majors, which has in turn led to increase in the number of job applicants in CSC’s waiting list even though more than one year has passed since they graduated.

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