Chain necklace miraculously saves man’s life in US shooting

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A thick chain necklace may have saved a man’s life by deflecting a bullet aimed at his neck.

COLORADO, June 3: In a remarkable turn of events, a man’s life was potentially saved by a thick chain necklace that prevented a bullet from penetrating his neck during a shooting incident in the US state of Colorado.

According to police in Commerce City, near Denver, the shooting occurred amid an argument last Tuesday. The victim, who remains unnamed, escaped with only a puncture wound thanks to the .22 caliber bullet becoming lodged in the silver chain around his neck.

Photos released by officers depicted the bloodied chain, with the Commerce City Police Department taking to Facebook to share details of the incident. They quipped, “We’d say he really dodged a bullet – but in reality, he LODGED a bullet.”

Describing the silver chain, approximately 10mm in width, as the likely reason for the victim’s survival, the police emphasized its critical role. The post stated, “This silver chain is likely the only reason the victim of a shooting we responded to yesterday is still alive.”

The suspected gunman, who also remains unidentified, was apprehended at the scene and charged with attempted murder.

While acknowledging the significance of the necklace, authorities pointed out that despite its silver color, it may not be pure silver, as the softer metal might not have halted the bullet’s trajectory. In a light-hearted comment, the Commerce City Police Department suggested reconsidering before opting for a knock-off.

The incident left many in awe, with the police department expressing incredulity at the miraculous outcome.

This news has been read 632 times!

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