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Friday , January 24 2020

Ali Ahmed Al-Baghli

Consolidating tribalism

Every day we see the increasing devotion to all types of tribal and sectarian tendencies while the voice of the nation continues to become faint. …

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Who’ll stop the government and force it to come to its senses?

IF WHAT was published by Al-Seyassah newspaper regarding the Ministry of Social Affairs and Labor’s approval of the amendment of the basic statute of Al-Islah …

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Oh Abu Nasser, you made us proud

The Amir of Humanity, Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmed, the Amir of Kuwait is not only leading us out of the turbulent waters of the region but …

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Wish we were Indians … and Chinese!!

WE were brought up based on the saying of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), “Is not amongst us who scams us?” This is the way we are …

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Lady without hijab in Aramco

YES indeed, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia recently appointed a woman as one of the board members of its major company and the world’s top …

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Role distribution

THE recent campaign organized by the Ministry of Awqaf and Islamic Affairs prompted women to wear the ‘hijab’ (veil). It was countered by a fierce …

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We wish we could be Indians!!

THE world looks at the ancient Indian nation with astonishment due to its democracy and attachment to its people, as well as its people’s intelligence …

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Désiré comes back to life

DR MUHAMMAD AL-FAILI sent me a letter along with a peculiar painting – a naked man with black paint on his face, leaning on the …

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Kuwait’s integrity vs that of France

THE local Al-Qabas newspaper published last Saturday – March 24, 2018 – news on its front page which left us astonished and sad at the …

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Well said, Mohammed bin Salman

SAUDI Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman traveled to the United States of America. It is a historic tour which will take 19 days and he …

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