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Monday , December 6 2021

Ahmed Al Jarallah

Open the system, Minister of Commerce

DESPITE the delay of the Minister of Commerce Dr. Abdullah Al-Salman in referring the Director General of the Public Authority for Manpower Ahmed Al-Mousa to …

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Iraq elections end to Iran’s influence

UNDOUBTEDLY, the recent Iraqi elections served as a difficult test for all political forces, especially Iran’s agents who tried from the beginning to prevent it …

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Debate over eggs and chickens will waste us

HISTORICAL accounts narrate a story about the Eastern Roman Empire (Byzantine). In the fifth century AD, the people of that empire were preoccupied with a …

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A government of ‘let whatever happens happen, I’m immune’

IT is not surprising that about 8,000 administrative lawsuits have been filed against the Cabinet for the various decisions that it has taken. Such decisions …

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From King of Egypt to Haroun Al-Rashid … state’s reverence lies on decision of an enlightened ruler

THE reverence of the State is the decision of a ruler who measures matters based on what serves his people. He neither relies on them …

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Qatar visit to UAE quiets crows

THE Gulf summit held in Al-Ula in Saudi Arabia at the beginning of this year was an important turning point in the course of the …

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Reverence of State or government of fluff

KUWAIT is neither the United States nor the European Union that has a total of 27 countries as members. It is also not India or …

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Government, Assembly exit is good for Kuwait

AS long as the quota system is the criterion for forming a government, there is no doubt that such a government will be like the …

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Rule with an iron fist, we’ll bow

DOES Kuwait really adhere to real democracy, as intended by the norms and theories developed for it and implemented in many countries, through which the …

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‘National dialogue’ with whom and for what? Constitution is unambiguous, its text reigns

THE current situation in Kuwait is similar to a person asking two people to stand in two separate lines. Some advisors clearly seem to have …

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