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Monday , December 6 2021

Ahmed Al Jarallah

Great challenges of Mishal Al-Ahmad

WITH a clear vision and determination to change the environmental situation of his country, the speech of His Highness the Crown Prince Sheikh Mishal Al-Ahmad …

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Resounding Iran defeat from Baghdad to Beirut

THE UN Security Council’s endorsement of the results of the recent Iraqi elections came as a fatal blow to the camp of the militias affiliated …

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‘Fugitives, and still cunning’

WHEN you read the statement issued by the fugitives who fled overseas, it is difficult not to notice the poison coated with honey in their …

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Tragedy of Arabs, lead sheep with diluted awe led by a foreign donkey

ARAB folklore is full of stories with several connotations, especially in the world of politics and governance. One among them is the story of the …

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Welcome to the pardoned, as citizens, not as leaders

SINCE we know their mentality based on their characters, we recently gave an advice in our last article to “rejoice not at a wedding where …

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‘Rejoice not at the wedding where divorce is at the door’

IT is very unfortunate that MPs kept on missing opportunities one after another over the past months, and worked on paralyzing the state in order …

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Lebanese, unite behind the ‘Forces’ party

THE arrogance of Hassan Nasrallah has risen to the level of him claiming to have 100,000 fighters under his command, besides his fans and supporters, …

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Iraq shouldn’t lose last bastion to the Persians

THE general elections in Iraq ended with the defeat of the Iranian project of hegemony through sectarian militias. It lasted for 18 years through joint …

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Ally with Israel so you don’t fall like dominoes

THE U.S. is still waiting for Iranians to complete negotiations on a return to the nuclear agreement. Because Tehran is not about to abandon its …

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This is what Syria did to Arabs, and what the Arabs did to Syria

IS the Arab reality today similar to yesterday’s reality? Did Arabs return the favor to each other at the time of establishing modern states after …

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