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Friday , January 17 2020

Ahmed Al Jarallah

Al-Mu’tamid Ibn Abbad enlisted the services of the marabout ‘Brotherhood’ who snatched his government and banished him

HISTORY abounds with lessons on how countries change from one situation to another, and how a ruler should protect his country against dangers. The story …

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Dreams of Turkish bats

SINCE the beginning of the crisis, we have said that acts fabricated by Turkey against the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia are part of a drama …

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Qaboos’ symphony of human and country’s development

THE Sultanate of Oman is celebrating its national day amid progressive development which has been continuing for the past 48 years. Throughout this period, the …

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This is Kuwait and these are Kuwaitis

INDEED, adversity reveals the quality of people. The effort exerted in facing the recent unprecedented rainstorm was the actual expression of the people of Kuwait …

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Gaza … Iranian-Israeli post office

TEHRAN’S idea of escaping forward through Palestinian blood being spilled in Gaza is no less hideous than the escape of the Israeli government from internal …

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Disasters are not occasions for mockery and settling of scores

IT IS very shameful to transform the unexpected heavy rainstorm into an avenue for new blackmail, which some weak minds have embarked on as they …

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Flood victims want grapes, not the head of the caretaker

IN VIEW of the recent floods caused by heavy rainfall in Kuwait, we dedicate this story to His Highness the Prime Minister Sheikh Jaber Al-Mubarak. …

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World isolates arrogant ‘plague’ Tehran

FOR Iran’s President Hassan Rouhani to announce that his country “will breach the American sanctions and sell oil” — the first reaction after the sanctions …

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Sana’a is indispensable no matter how long the war lasts

THE new sanctions imposed by the United States of America on the Iranian regime take effect today. The main objective is to prevent Iran from …

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‘Realistic solutions’ for Palestinian case

PERHAPS, the clearest summary which could capture the Arab condition that started with the Palestinian case is what former German foreign minister Sigmar Hartmut Gabriel …

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