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Monday , December 6 2021

Ahmed Al Jarallah

When a maidservant is wiser than the rulers, best nations are not ruled by ignorant people

THERE are Arab folktales that contain precious lessons about how the ignorance of unworthy rulers who assume their positions by chance can cause devastation to …

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Tunisia’s Brotherhood, end of centennial terrorism

IT was not easy to dismantle the dominance of the Muslim Brotherhood Group in Tunisia. However, the attempt of President Qais Saied and the forces …

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Any chance to get out of the dilemma?

IS there a chance to get out of the economic and social dilemma that was imposed on us because of either alignment or conflict of …

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Governments of ‘there’s nothing in this country but this boy’

IS there a Deep State that is working on sabotaging Kuwait and creating a rift between the state and the people? Or has the executive …

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Development projects or a summer night’s dream?

AN excellent step was taken by the Cabinet a few days ago when it laid out a road map to expedite the implementation of 18 …

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Blessed invite from Mohammed VI for a strong Arab Maghreb Union

 “MOROCCO and Algeria are more than just neighboring countries; they are twins complementing one another.” This fact was reaffirmed by the Moroccan King Mohammed VI …

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O Arabs, poised leader, Farouk the taxi driver, Abdul-Aziz councils … the best rulers are benevolent dictators

THOSE who study the reality of Arabs and all this devastation would realize that there are sins committed against people. The most eminent sin in …

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Blessed Mohammed VI, Tunisia

ONCE again, King Mohammed VI has proven that the Kingdom of Morocco is the pillar of peace in the Arab countries of North Africa from …

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O Central Bank governor, the government is heedless

FOR more than two years, we have been warning of what the country could descend into in the absence of a well-studied economic and financial …

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Tunisia rises, buries ‘Brotherhood’ destructive project

AFTER a decade of suffering and desperate popular attempts to bring Tunisia back to the right course but without success, the Tunisians have lost their …

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