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Are all Visa 18s transferable or releasable?

Good day! I want to ask if, all Visa 18s transferable or releasable? Also how will I know which type of Visa 18 I am …

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Driving license for Diploma holder

I have been working in a company as a ‘Electrical technician’ since Dec 2017 to till date and having salary of less than KD 600 …

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Change from Project visa to Private visa after 3 yrs of service

I have worked in my company for 3 years now and I want to take release but my visa is government contract visa. Can I …

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Minimum 9 months required to apply for 30-days paid annual leave

I started working in my current company on November 20, 2018. And I want to take my first annual leave on September 1, 2019. Based …

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How many times an expat can take visit visa for wife and child in a year?

I earn a salary of KD 430 per month. I need to know how many times I can take visit visa for my wife and …

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Termination of service

I have been working in Kuwait since October 2017. Unfortunately, I received a termination letter from my employer. I got another job but the new …

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Transfer from Project Visa 18 to Private Visa 18

I came to Kuwait on direct company visa (project visa No. 18). My profession is foreman and my salary is more that KD 600 per …

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Resignation due to health reasons – Company asking to pay for expenses incurred

I am a dietician working in a private company. I submitted my resignation on health issues due to eight hours continues work without any break …

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Bringing Second Wife on Dependent Visa

I’m holding a Visa 18 and I have my children with me here in Kuwait, my wife is also on a Visa 18 (not dependent) …

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Dont want to serve full notice period – Want to pay and get out

I am working with a private sector company. I put in my resignation on August 7, 2019, I do not want to serve my full …

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