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Legal Clinic

Rental agreement

I am not only an Arab Times reader but have also been an annual subscriber for over a decade. I am trying to shift to …

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Transferring from Project Visa back to Private Visa ( Locally Hired)

I had been reading previous replies to similar questions but have been unable to find an answer to my question. I am an engineer (BSc …

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Documents required to get Health Insurance

One of my friends went for family insurance at an insurance office and they asked for results of finger prints. At that time my friend …

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Indian expat wants Indian maid

I need to clarify some doubts regarding visas for maids. We (my wife and I) are both Indian nationals and working in Kuwait. I and …

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Driving license – Changed from Drivers Visa to Distributor

I would like to ask you about my driving license. I got my driving license in January 2015 and I came to the country on …

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Visas for Pakistanis – “For sure your application has been rejected”

I am drawing a monthly salary of KD 600 and I submitted a visa application for my wife at the Subhan Immigration Department, but they …

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What are we paying Health Insurance for?

Every employer is paying KD 50 per year as insurance for each employee whenever the residence of the employees is renewed. What is this for? …

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Part-time jobs

1). What is legal way to work as a part-timer in any company? 2). An employee of a company wants to work as a part …

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Transfer of residence of Mother and Sister from deceased Father to Son

I wish to receive urgent advice from the Arab Times Legal Clinic on the following matter. My father, who was working in Kuwait on an …

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Company problems

First of all I would like to express my gratitude to the Legal Clinic staff of the Arab Times newspaper for the genuine answers provided …

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