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Legal Clinic

Kuwaiti laws regarding the immigration, labor and the country’s penal code

I am doing research on Kuwaiti laws regarding the immigration, labor and the country’s penal code. In this regard, I am wondering where I can …

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Overtime for Managers & Workers

Under the Kuwait Labor Law, is management eligible for overtime? I work for a company that does not pay managers overtime and the question has …

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Name is incorrect in New Civil ID

In my old Civil ID my name in both Arabic and English is correct. I recently got my new civil ID in which my name …

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Final settlement with leave balance

First of all, thanks for all the valuable advice — according to the Kuwait Labor Law — that you have been providing to the readers …

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Visa for wife – Pakistani national

I am a Pakistani and in the government sector in Kuwait. Can I get a family visa for my wife. Due to some restrictions it’s …

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Apartment maintenance – Harris saying “I have to take care of it at my own expense”

I have been living in an apartment for over 5 years but 2 weeks ago our ceiling in the bedroom stated dripping water … from …

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Working in Catering Company based in US Army Camp – Want Release

I am working in a catering company based in a US Army camp, Kuwait. I have already completed three years with this firm and am …

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Transferring of Farm visa to Company visa

I came to Kuwait on Oct 8, 2012 on a farm (agriculture) visa. Now I want to transfer my iqama (residence) to a company … …

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Can son bring parents and sponsor them on dependent visa?

I am working for a well-known private sector company and earning a salary of KD 250 while my basic salary is KD 175. My father …

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Company problems

I have been working with a local supermarket as a cashier from Nov 23, 2013. My current residency renewed for 2 years from Dec 2, …

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