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Visit visa extension

Can I extend the family visit visa, currently valid for 1 month, for my mother. And if not, can I transfer her to a tourist …

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Transfer from Government Project Visa to Private Sector

Hi … is it possible now to transfer government project visas to the private sector? Name withheld Answer: We have answered a number of similar …

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Driving License renewal – Accountant profession changed to Clerk

You have answered this question several times, but since the rules are changing frequently kindly clarify this issue for me and those who are like …

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Overtime calculation

I am working in a multinational company, and my monthly salary pay structure is Basic + HRA (House Rent Allowance). HRA is set by the …

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Wife sponsoring husband on dependent visa

I have been on an Article 18 visa since 2010 in Kuwait. I’m a woman, recently married to a Filipino guy who is living in …

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Project Visa Transfer

I came to Kuwait in 2012 on a project visa. This project was finished in 2015 and we transferred to another project. For our new …

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Residence transfer for a Nurse hired in Kuwait

I have been working as a registered nurse in a medical clinic for 2 years and 7 months now. My residence was locally transferred from …

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Visa for Bangladeshi

I am from Bangladesh and I am working in a very big local group as a purchasing assistant …my salary is KD 361. Can I …

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Transferring visa from Private Sector Project to Government Project

I came to Kuwait (in 1998) on a MEW project visa and after that I changed many companies but remained on the same project visa. …

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Indemnity, Leave balance payment & Time period taken to transfer visa to another company

I have been working in a company for the last 8 years 9 months (joined Aug 9, 2007) as an engineer but my services were …

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