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Legal Clinic

Project visa transfer

I was hired from abroad on a Project Visa and I have been working in the same company since 5 years. I had lot of …

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How is inheritance (indemnity & bank accounts) dealt with under Kuwait Law, if a non-Muslim expatriate worker dies in Kuwait without a written will? Alternately, …

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Transfer of Shepherds Visa

I would like to know whether expatriates on camel shepherd visas or some other shepherd visas can transfer to another sponsor after one year according …

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End of service benefits ( Indemnity & Leave Balance)

I joined my company on 01-1- 1995. I resigned on 20-3-2016 and my last working day was 11-5- 2016. You are kindly requested to calculate …

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Illegal construction has closed my apartments window and A/C

I am living in Hawally, on the ground floor of a certain building. Due to illegal construction my home windows and A/C have become totally …

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Loan transfer

I have been working with an organization as an engineer for the past 2 years. I have a loan with one of the banks which …

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Factory Visa Transfer

After working as a technician in a factory (on an Article 18 work permit) for the last 2 years and 1 months I resigned as …

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Deported from Kuwait want to come back

My mother worked with a Kuwaiti family from 1990 to 2004 before she had some problems with the family. The family then filed a case …

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Monthly pay slip

When you leave your work place and transfer to another employer, should the visa transfer processing fees be shouldered by the employee or the employer? …

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Nurse faces problems

I was hired by a local clinic on Sept 1, 2013 and started working as a nurse — although I did not have the Ministry …

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