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Sunday , January 26 2020

Weird News

Cow dung fight brings Indian Hindus ‘good health’

The village of Gumatapura in India has become the site of a massive cow dung fight, as locals celebrate the day-long Gore Habba festival that …

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India’s love for cow and cow products

In Hinduism Cows are considered as a sacred symbol of life that should be protected and revered. But Cows are not treated as God and …

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Monkey grooms Indian Cop

In Indian state of Uttar Pradesh police inspector hard at work received a surprise on Tuesday – a grooming session from a monkey. In a …

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Iran arrests Instagram celebrity Sahar Tabar for blasphemy

TEHRAN: An Iranian woman known for posting images of herself online trying to look like a lead character from Tim Burton’s “The Corpse Bride” has …

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“SHAMEFUL” incident – Mahatma Gandhi’s ashes stolen and written “Traitor” on the banner

REWA: While India was celebrating 150th birth anniversary on the Father of the Nation a potrait of Mahatma Gandhi was defaced and urn contained his …

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13.5 Tons Of Gold Found In Chinese Ex Mayors Basement

Police in China searched house of a former mayor of Danzhou and found 268 billion yuan (37,573,600,000 USD) amount of cash as well as 13.5 …

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Ghost escaping the hospital on a wheelchair

This incident happened in Chandigarh, India in a hospital where a wheel chair crept towards an exit on its own as if a ghost of …

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Indian Man Caught Stealing 2 Mangoes in Dubai To Be Deported

Dubai: The UAE court ordered deportation of an Indian airport worker who was held for stealing two mangoes from the baggage of a passenger last …

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Baby born with four legs and three hands in India

An Indian woman has given birth to a girl with four legs and three hands in what doctors believe to be the first case of …

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The US Navy confirms these UFO videos are real

The U.S. Navy has verified for the first time that military videos circulated since 2017 showing what appear to be unidentified flying objects are real …

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