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Monday , September 27 2021

Cartoonists body protests unauthorized use of their works in election campaign

‘We’ll fight for literary, intellectual rights’

KUWAIT CITY, Dec 7: The Kuwait Caricature Society denounced a media campaign witnessed in various areas of Kuwait in which the cartoon works of some cartoonists have been exploited without their knowledge, reports Al-Rai daily. In a press statement, the Kuwait Caricature Society said, “The members of the Kuwait Caricature Society, whose drawings have been used without their knowledge or consent, announce that they will fight for their literary and intellectual rights.

They disclaim any responsibility with the aforementioned campaign, with an emphasis on the values and goals of the Caricature Society and its members to fight corruption in all its colors and forms under the leadership of His Highness the Amir of the country, and His Highness the Crown Prince.”

It added, “We also stress the need to hold accountable those who published these works so that the intellectual and literary rights of artists are preserved, and to remove them as quickly as possible”.

In this regard, a reliable source said the cartoonists whose cartoons were used in the anonymous campaign called “Kuwaitis against Corruption” were summoned to North Sulaibikhat Police Station for investigation. In turn, a number of cartoonists, as part of a campaign claiming to be aimed at fighting corruption, denounced the widespread use of their drawings in the streets without their knowledge.

They stressed that those who want to fight corruption must abide by what they are demanding and respect the rights of others instead of publishing the drawings without taking permission from their owners. In this regard, cartoonist Bader bin Ghaith said, “I was surprised when I saw some of my drawings were used in the streets as part of a campaign to fight corruption but without asking the permission of me or the newspaper that owns the right to the drawings.” Revealing his surprise by the campaign, he stressed, “We do not seek fame through the publishing of our drawings in the streets. Rather, it was assumed that the concerned parties should ask permission for using the drawings.

It is a shame to exploit intellectual property rights and put us in trouble before people in a campaign whose objectives are unknown. “We are all against corruption, but this is not how to go about. How can you claim to fight corruption when you publish drawings without the permission of their owners in the streets which is in contravention of that law. Whoever wants to fight corruption must abide by what he demands and respect the laws and the rights of others.” Bin Ghaith referred to a previous campaign titled “Caricature against Corruption” held in cooperation with the Kuwait Transparency Society.

He said it was an organized campaign with specific goals and perceptions and not random work that does not lead to the required results. He insisted that he disclaims his full responsibility of participating in the campaign or knowing its goals. In addition, cartoonist Sarah Al- Noumis expressed her astonishment at the exploitation of her cartoons without her prior consent, as they were placed in an anonymous campaign in street advertisements.

In a press statement, Al-Noumis said, “Despite the widespread use of the drawings, the subject shocked us, as the drawings were exploited without obtaining permission from the artists or from the Kuwait Municipality”. She insisted that she disclaims any responsibility over the campaign or of knowing its goals.

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