Carl Runefelt Pumps 100x To His Crypto Portfolio As Bitcoin Tanks

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Has Carl Runefelt Cracked Some Sort of Secret Crypto Code?

Countless crypto investors lost vast amounts of their holdings on January 10, 2022. That was the day Bitcoin dropped below 40,000, its lowest value in six months. Panicked buyers began dumping Bitcoin like yesterday’s garbage, but Carl Runefelt increased his crypto investment by 100-fold as Bitcoin tanked.

At just 27 years old, Carl Runefelt has made it to the Forbes 30 Under 30 list and earned a seat at the most important tables in the world. Known as “the Moon” online with over 1.5 million social media followers, Runefelt has proven himself to be nearly clairvoyant when it comes to crypto investments. While cryptocurrency has been deemed the “wealth of the young,” no one was prepared for a millennial with next to no experience in the field to make such a huge impact.

Today, Runefelt shares this uncanny foresight on his wildly popular YouTube channel. Starting as a resource for those who wanted to get started in the crypto market, The Moon is now helping subscribers create their own Bitcoin fortunes. And it isn’t just the younger segment seeking Runefelt’s coveted advice. He has become a Golden Boy for even the most notable crypto billionaires and holds his own against stalwarts like Charlie Munger. To these upper strata, Carl Runefelt is a living example of youthful opportunity. Given his track record, Runefelt is no one-hit-wonder. His predictions have been spot-on as he sees opportunities where others see dead ends. One cannot help but wonder if he has cracked a secret code and is generous enough to share it with the rest of us. Carl Runefelt has proven himself to be a financial genius. This had solidified when he exponentially increased his fortune on January 10 as others lost theirs. This accomplishment will undoubtedly add to his reputation as a magic man

This news has been read 22762 times!

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