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Thursday , October 28 2021

Campaign to catch Kuwaitis with dual citizenship

KUWAIT CITY, Dec 5: Security authorities embarked on a mission to find Kuwaiti citizens with dual citizenship in the eve of the elections through a thorough check at the border entry points. Such citizens, who are under the hope of participating in the electoral process, will be forced to choose between the Kuwaiti citizenship they hold and the nationalities of neighboring countries, reports Al-Shahid daily.

Those holding dual citizenship will not have a place in the upcoming parliamentary elections for several reasons, topped by the tightening of the neighboring countries’ procedures in terms of the exit and entry movements by means of electronic handprint and eye scan. Through this method, those with dual citizenship will not be able to circumvent the entry and exit process with the multiplicity of passports and nationalities that they possess.

Neighboring countries are tightening the screws on terrorists who exploit the loophole of dual nationality to use it in their movements between countries in order to implement their malicious plans. This has placed the “dualists” in a difficult position that will have repercussions for revealing their nationalities and holding them accountable for circumventing the law.

It is worth noting that coordination between Kuwait and the neighboring countries has reached advanced stages for the detection of the dualists, after the tremendous development provided by technology through the electronic handprint and eye scan.

According to reliable sources, there are security agreements and high-level coordination between Kuwait and neighboring countries to follow up the movement of the dualists and cut off their tracks as well as prevent them from tampering with security. The monitoring processes are ongoing and anyone arrested will be referred to the concerned authorities.

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