Campaign set to clear out ‘marginals’ from Kuwait

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KUWAIT CITY, March 29: As part of the steps aimed at adjusting the demographics, informed sources revealed an urgent plan to take necessary actions regarding 182,000 marginal workers, most of whom are registered under fake companies, and are living in residential areas, reports Al-Qabas daily. The sources explained that the Ministry of Interior, in coordination with the Public Authority for Manpower, will soon launch intensive campaigns to deport all residency law violators.

The committee, which was formed to amend the demographics and is headed by the First Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Interior, and Acting Minister of Defense Sheikh Talal Al-Khaled, directed the concerned authorities to take more measures to prevent the tampering and selling of residence permits through fake commercial licenses and rented shops in various complexes located in several areas without even a proper address or an actual activity.

PAM announced that it had suspended nearly 17,000 files of violating companies in the private sector, with 62,000 workers registered under these files. PAM gave the owners of these businesses a deadline of one month from the date of suspension to amend the legal conditions so that they can avoid being referred to the special investigation authorities.

According to statistics issued by PAM and the Ministry of Interior, there are 133,000 residency violators in the country who are distributed in several sectors. Action will be taken to deal with them. Meanwhile, an official source revealed more upcoming measures to control violators and refer them to deportation, with the cooperation of the General Department of Residency Affairs Investigation. He explained that inspections of the various commercial activities and the complexes in all the governorates are carried out through the labor departments.

A temporary suspension is placed on the shops that are not registered on the information systems. They will not be allowed to reopen until the person concerned amends the status and an inspection is carried out again. The files of the stall owners in the fish market and the workers in the fishing profession will now be vetted. Intensive campaigns will also be launched in the farming area to verify the farmers’ files. The process of audit and inspection will include all sectors, beginning with fake establishments in the private sector, and will cover all commercial areas.

The Committee of Owners of Delivery Companies revealed a large and clear leakage of domestic workers into the field of order delivery. The committee officials explained that they had recently monitored a large entry of marginal workers registered under articles 18 and 20 into the field of order delivery to work on delivering orders on behalf of international applications that depend on them. Their numbers can be estimated at hundreds.

The presence of workers in this sector constitutes a threat to public health and violates the instructions of the Ministry of Interior regarding the organization of the applications sector. These types of workers do not have a health permit, and do not own vehicles that meet the simplest security and safety standards. The officials of the committee called for necessary measures to be taken in this regard and to activate the role of the tripartite committee in apprehending and prosecuting them in order to preserve public health.

Meanwhile, the Public Authority for Manpower, in cooperation with the Ministry of the Interior, has activated the procedures for blocking the files of companies that are not committed to paying the value of travel tickets for persons registered on its files, whether they are violators of residence or those registered absconding, or work on sites that do not belong to their companies, reports Al-Qabas daily.

Informed sources said that the suspension includes all companies that are not committed to following up on the affairs of their workers seized by the Residence Affairs Department, and against whom deportation orders have been issued for violating the residence or labor laws. The sources added that the joint coordination between the Ministry of Interior and PAM includes placing an automatic block on the files of those companies until their situation is corrected and the violating employee is deported from the country. In other news, the Tripartite Committee which is headed by the Public Authority for Manpower, in cooperation with the residence affairs investigations, seized 493 violators of the residence and labor laws during this month.

This news has been read 36106 times!

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